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Florence is not only the cradle of the Renaissance, it is also the perfect location to make your next incentive trip the best yet. Central to other major cities in Italy, Florence matches relaxing in its country hills with strolls through the Renaissance history of its city center. Florence is full of markets and its local craft traditions that have been a lesson to the world. Finding treasure troves on the Gourmet Treasure Hunt will please eyes and palates alike — a great way to get to know the city. Florence is also Le Baccanti’s native land. No one better than us to open the doors of our own hometown for a journey full of big projects, goals, and fascinating facts. What better way to celebrate having reached your target than bringing your employees to the top of Florence’s Duomo to enjoy the peerless view from its terraces? Beauty and wonder will give them an incentive to set their sights even further. Frescoed meeting rooms, the best historic trattorias, wineries right out of town, places to bring your full days to a close and make your best incentive trip to Florence absolutely memorable.

  • Discover the fascinating city of Florence on foot
  • Bolster team spirit through play
  • Get inspired by Florence’s artistic atmosphere
  • Get your team interacting in the kitchen
  • Create completely unique memories
  • Learn local traditions and crafts
Primo giorno

Arrivo degli ospiti e check in
Cena con sfida ai vini misteriosi

Secondo giorno

Caccia al tesoro Gourmet
Gara di Pizza a MaMa Florence

Terzo giorno

Passeggiata artistica e visita privata alle terrazze del Duomo
Pranzo conclusivo


Da Firenze passano tutti treni dell’Alta velocità che attraversano il Paese

Nel centro storico di Firenze ci sono 136 Buchette del vino

L’Arno è navigabile con i tipici barchetti un tempo usati dai “renaioli” per dragare la sabbia dal fondo del fiume,

Il panino con il lampredotto è lo street food più famoso in città

Caccia al tesoro Gourmet


A caccia di prelibatezze
e scorci mozzafiato!

Cena con wine challenge


Divertimento, originalità
ed entusiasmo per i vostri ospiti

Gara di Pizza


Chi è il pizzaiolo dell’azienda?