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Drawing on our fifteen years of experience as a tour operator, Le Baccanti chooses the best venues for your corporate events, drawing on our excellent instincts, attention to detail, and the energetic spirit needed to make every undertaking a success. We choose the best hotels, places we have stayed ourselves for years, and restaurants where you can enjoy both good company and the pleasure of the finest ingredients and top-flight professionalism of the owners. As we were founded by a wine and food journalist, Le Baccanti loves to keep up with all the latest news and try new gourmet restaurants, forging relationships that stand the test of time. Our relationships with local producers are made of our shared histories and new projects we’ve watched grow, involve us in this region’s talent for looking to the future with drive and optimism, while never forgetting its roots.

immersed in nature

There are some really special places in Italy to get immersed in nature, making for the best incentive trips and corporate events to instill your team with peace of mind, creativity, and hands-on experiences. These places stimulate new ideas as you leave behind the hectic stress of the office and find the energy needed to tackle new projects and achieve long-standing goals through teamwork.

We consider both small farms where you can hear the stories of those who work the land and large wineries designed by international “archistars,” inspiring venues where new ideas emerge from great projects and boundless beauty.

Design and the future

International companies that come to Italy for their corporate events often ask us for venues featuring innovative design and the fine Italian style that is our national hallmark, bounding beautiful form to functional design.

Whether they are metropolitan settings — hotbeds of ideas, languages, and cultures — places to get away from it all, where you can shape your visions, or urban lofts to feel at the heart of a changing world. These venues are infused with a special energy that attracts innovation, inspires change, and moves towards the future full speed ahead.

where Italian history comes to life

Italian history is the envy of the world and everyone wants to learn more about it. It’s History, with a capital H, the kind the old buildings of Italian cities exude or that of villas whose rooms enchant guests traveling to Italy from around the world. There are our castles, with renovated spaces of boundless possibilities, where every event is as unique as the memories it leaves you. There are villas tucked in the hills of Chianti or majestic ones perched watchfully over Rome. These are places where dreams become possible in the interweaving stories of families and generations and the people that bring them alive today.

Hospitality at its best

Le Baccanti Tours has spent over a decade perfecting the art of choosing beautiful Italian venues to take our most discerning international guests. We find hotels in town or out-of-the-way corners of Italy, all up to the highest principles of professionalism. We find hospitality that pays close attention to practicality and modernity, that is flexible to let you be pampered and connected. Meetings can take place in state-of-the-art rooms or outdoors on fabulous terraces. We seek places with staff attentive to the needs of the corporate clients accustomed to world travel.