Where better than Puglia? - Le Baccanti Corporate
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Where better than Puglia?

Puglia was once considered a world away, but it has become easier to reach and more vibrant than ever, beloved for its gorgeous farmhouses, age-old olive trees, and excellent cuisine, a celebration of its flavors, and, of course, the wines that make it the hot new destination for wine connoisseurs. On our latest trip to seek out the best, most exclusive venues for our clients, we stayed in many magical places, like the Vinilia Wine Resort, the perfect union of top quality ingredients, beautiful landscapes, and the incredible stories of its people. One such star is the foremother that brings us all together, the queen of Italian cuisine, Valeria Piccini, the long-time inspiration of our Florentine cooking school. We tried one of Italy’s freshest and most interesting restaurants, the award-winning Bros. An energetic trio of brothers with a shared love for cooking, and the 21-year-old chef, Isabella Potì — whom Forbes dubbed one of the most interesting under 30s — have made a restaurant so interesting, it alone is worth the trip. With direct flights to the major cities of Bari and Brindisi, a plethora of excellent resorts with all levels and types of services, and team-building event that we plan down to the last detail, your next incentive trip to discover Puglia will be your best bet to re-energize your entire team!