The vibrancy of Veneto - Le Baccanti Corporate
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The vibrancy of Veneto

Veneto is the region of industry and countryside, the land of Prosecco and Amarone wine, the Alps and the sea. Veneto is, without question, one of Italy’s most dynamic regions. Veneto is always on on the hunt for the finest designs and most innovative start-ups — it is the region of entrepreneurship and fresh perspectives that never lose sight of tradition, making its Italy’s most visited region. In the Venetian Lagoon, learn about the tradition of wooden boat building and discover charming, tucked-away “bacheri” — restaurants. Venice never fails to charm its visitors every time. Veneto and the Palladian villas are UNESCO Heritage Sites, making them the best destination to combine efficiency and beauty, organizing meetings and events in some of the most gorgeous places in the world. Lake Garda’s mild climate and its excellent accommodations make it one of the best destinations for trips that combine business meetings with sports and wellness for the whole team. A gourmet treasure will take you to Verona’s most magical corners and put your senses to the test. A stay in the mountains might just be the best choice to rejuvenate your management team, needing a place to relax and focus.