The Great history of Piedmont - Le Baccanti Corporate
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The Great history of Piedmont

The land of great wines and great intuitions, fine Italian films and wonderful flavors. Piedmont has always been a preferred Italian destination for world travelers who seek the best. Its connoisseurs have long discussed ideas like tradition and modernity and the merits of small casks vs. large barrels. So what do we know about this Italian region, which might seem self-contained at first, but has, in truth, always been open to visitors from around the world? A great incentive trip to Piedmont might mean Nebbiolo wine, truffles, and the stories of the great entrepreneurs who shaped the history of Italy and the world. This region is the home to Fiat, the Einaudi publishing house, and the ahead-of-its-time candy company, Ferrero. Olivetti, also originating here, brought us not only the first typewriter made in Italy, but one of the most groundbreaking designs of the century — considered one of the first computers in the world — Programma 101, the first personal computer, which Pier Giorgio Perotto designed and introduced at the New York World Fair of 1965. There is a good reason that Piedmont is so skilled at spawning new ideas from old families, innovative designs from old factories, and film sets in little-known areas. It has always had a talent for reintroducing itself while never forgetting its roots, a possible source of inspiration by while sipping a glass of Barolo wine and sampling some famed Piedmontese hazelnuts with us.