Right in the middle: Umbria! - Le Baccanti Corporate
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Right in the middle: Umbria!

Ed Sheeran, at the top of pop music charts worldwide, just bought a house in this magnificent region. And not for nothing: Umbria is overflowing with charm, just waiting to be discovered. Conveniently situated in central Italy, Umbria is easy to reach from Rome and Ancona and offers up many fabulous locations to delve into culture and recipes of the past. Discover the culture of Umbrian salami, immerse yourself in expanses of olive trees and lentil crops, and then head back to a lovely farmhouse accommodation for a cooking challenge, the perfect celebration of this land and its wealth of produce. Luxuriating in an incentive trip in Umbria is the best way to recharge your team’s batteries. Come to one of the area’s finest wellness centers and get ready to take on the annual meeting with energy. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing histories of the cities of Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, and the lovely town of Amelia. You’ll inevitably fall in love with this land that we’ll show you, opening the doors to its best wineries, Carapace by Arnaldo Pomodoro, and any of the many small wineries dotting the region, perfect venues for our Create your Own Wine event.