Not Just Milan? Lombardy - Le Baccanti Corporate
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Not Just Milan? Lombardy

Lombardy a population of more than 10 million, Italy’s two largest airports, one of the most beautiful train stations in the world and the most efficient infrastructure system of Italy, so any destination is in easy reach. While some of the top entrepreneurs in Italian history started out in Lombardy and went on to conquer international markets, the region is also a magnet for international capital. This region is full of big industry, cities on the move, burgeoning tourism, and produces some of the top wines of Italy from wine regions on the rise like Franciacorta. The parts of the region set on magnificent lakes make fantastic destinations to tailor programs with top-of-the-line cultural and landscape features. Their villas welcome visitors from around the world and open their doors to visitors who much appreciate the timeless appeal of an atmosphere anything but gray and dreary! A corporate trip to discover these lands is an excellent pairing of Lombardy’s business traditions and the discovery of great beauty outside of the usual destinations. The arts of hospitality and efficiency are equally at home here.